Cheap Ice Makers Sydney

Ice Makers make your life easier by giving you the ease to carry them anywhere you want. There are different types of ice maker from normal size to bigger size which you can avail. The cost may vary according to the size but it is one of the best products which you can order online as a start to your summer shopping. You will surely be needing ice in the hot summer or when organizing parties, so grab your favorite Ice maker now!

Here’s a list of the top rated ice makers available in Sydney, Australia:

#1. Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker, Black with Stainless Steel 

Product Description:

Hamilton Beach Ice Make is the perfect electronic appliance for you to have a cold drink of water in summers. It prepares the perfect shaped ice for you within minutes and you do not have to wait for an hour for the ice to freeze. It is portable so you can take it anywhere with you without missing out on cold water.

Output: 25 pounds

Storage for Ice: 2 pounds

Weight: 23.6 pounds

Dimensions: height: 10.5 inches, length: 14.4 inches, Width: 13.5 inches

Color: Black

Digital Controls: LED indicators, touch buttons,


#2. Freeze MIM-18 Maxi-Matic Portable Ice Maker with Lid, Black (Stainless Steel)

Product Description:

Make the fresh ice with Mr. Freeze Portable Ice Maker. It is covered with lid and a perfect combination for the family on the day of outing. If you love drinks, then this is best thing for you to keep in your house. It has stainless steel and provides full convenience to the customers. The drainable bucket will help you clean it easily without any hassle.

Output: 26 lbs.

Storage for Ice: 2 pound

Weight: 22.6 pounds

Dimensions: Height: 15.3 inches, Length: 15 inches, Width: 11 inches

Color: Silver

Digital Controls: LED controls, push buttons.


#3. RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker, Silver

Product Description:

If you love partying at home, then Compact Ice Make is the best thing which you will need in your house this summer. The ice would be ready within 10 minutes for the whole family to have the glasses full with drinks being chilled. The cubes are of accurate sizes which will surely satisfy the customers. Do not miss out on the chill drinks this summer!

Output: 26 lbs.

Storage for Ice: 2.6 pounds

Weight: 21.3 pounds

Dimensions: Height: 15 inches, Length: 11, Width: 14.5

Color: Silver

Digital Controls: Electronic controls, LED indicators, touch buttons.


#4.Gourmia GI110 Compact Portable Electric Ice Maker, Express Machine with 3 Quart Water Tank

Product Description:
Yes, it’s available! Get ice for all your favorite drinks whenever and wherever you want with the finest Gourmia electric ice making system?

Gone are the days when you had to carry inconvenient trays for you outings. From fishing to barbeque, GI110 is the answer for your icy needs. Within 10 minutes, it readies 9 pieces of ice for you!

Engineered with customization:

The innovative features includes 2.2 pounds ice storing space, refill alarm equipped water tank measuring 3 quart. It gets even simpler to use with push start/stop button, timer, clock, easy touch buttons and digital display. We’re right here to give you an ice cold summer experience where nights get longer and drinks get colder!

Output: 23 pounds

Storage for Ice: 2.2 pound

Weight: 21.4 pounds

Dimensions: 14.8 x 11.8 x 12.9 inches

Color:  White

Digital Controls: Digital Display and Push Buttons
#5. NutriChef Electronic Ice Maker Countertop Stainless Steel Water Capacity 2.5L Ice storage

Highly effective, fast and efficient Electronic Ice Maker by NutriChef is here! Add water; plug it in and the ability to make ice just like that was never so easy. Quickly make ice shaped like pellets by just pressing a button. The window shows level of ice storage in the unit in the stainless steel container. Up to 22 pounds of ice can be made in a single day, making sure your guests love their perfectly chilled drinks. It can be conveniently placed in your kitchen. Make your kitchen more convenient with NutriChef’s amazing Ice Maker.

Output: 22 pounds

Storage for Ice: 600g

Weight: 23.1 pounds

Dimensions: 9.5 x 14.4 x 12.9 inches

Color: Steel silver

Digital Controls: Window screen and Digital Display


#6. Newair AI-215R Red Portable Ice Maker with 50-Pound Daily Capacity

Product Description:

The Newait Ice Maker can produce up to 50 pounds ice per day. This is the best maker you would consider because it gives you the ultimate results. You would need to store the ice again and again but making it once within 7 minutes would give you the amount of ice which you can use the entire day. You can keep the ice storage in it after making it to use it. It is user-friendly and an efficient machine with beautiful appearance as well.

Output: 50 pounds

Storage for Ice: 24 pounds

Weight: 36.4 pounds

Dimensions: Height: 14.2 inches, Length: 16.9 inches, Width: 16.8 inches

Color: Red

Digital Controls: Display screen and touch buttons


#7. Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH Portable Ice Maker with LCD Display, White

Product Description:

6 minutes and the ice would be ready for you. You can freeze the ice for as long as you want. The Ivations Ice Maker would give you a full bag of ice every 6 minutes. If you have to wait long for the ice to store for you, then do not wait any longer. This Ice Maker would do wonders for you and prepare the ice within some minutes satisfying you by the end for sure!

Output: 26 pounds

Storage for Ice: 26.5

Weight: 23.2 pounds

Dimensions: Height: 14.2 inches, length: 13.3 inches, Width: 11.7 inches

Color: White

Digital Controls: Display screen and push buttons



Technology has made the lives so much easier. With these certified Electronic Ice Makers, you get durability, experience and convenience on the go. Not just they add style to your kitchen, they also make your outings and dinners more fun. Especially in summer, when you need to keep yourself hydrated, Electronic Ice Makers are surely the product you should be looking out for!


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