Different Types of Ice Makers and What Each One Can Do

There are different types of ice makers currently in the market today. Each of these types can perform a specific purpose. However, note that the types of ice that you wish to produce from the machine plays a major role in the selection process.

Ice Maker Reviews- Different Types of Ice Makers

In making your choice, take into consideration the style of ice you plan to create out of the machine. Note that certain types of ice are more ideal for certain applications.

• Crushed – This is usually used in beverage dispensers.
• Flake – This style of ice is capable of holding delicate foods without causing damage. This makes it beneficial for beverage presentation.
• Nugget – This is a softer and more chewable style of ice.
• Gourmet – This style of ice features a crystal-like appearance. It also has an octagonal shape.
• Regular ice cube – This comes in the form of the traditional cube.
• Dice – This comes in a clear cube and a rhomboid shape.

Now that you know about the different styles of ice, it is time to be more familiar about the types of ice makers. Pick one, which you think can do the specific function that you intend it to perform.

1. Modular Ice Machine Head – This is basically a box or cabinet, which houses all the components designed to make ice including the evaporator, compressor, pump, water reservoir and others. If you plan to buy this machine, then note that you need to mount it on another piece of equipment like an ice dispenser unit, soda beverage dispenser or ice storage bin. It is mainly because the machine does not feature storage space.

One of the reasons why a lot of people choose this type of ice maker over the others is that it is easy to maintain, repair and replace. This is possible without the hassle of removing the whole system. Once it is no longer functional, you can swap it and mount a new modular head. This allows you to utilize its working components again including the dispenser or bin.

Another benefit of this type is that it has a high production rate. It can produce a lot of ice within just one day. Being modular, it would be easier for you to combine various ice machine heads featuring various storage options. This allows you to customize the machine based on your preferred application.

2. Self-contained Under-counter Ice Machine – Many consider this as an all-in-one machine since it has a cabinet, which also houses all the usual components needed to make ice, as well as a storage bin. One of its benefits is its ability to fit beneath standard kitchen counters. It also has a compact design, allowing it to take less wall and floor space. This promotes better performance and workflow.

3. Portable / Countertop Ice Maker – Portable ice maker does not require complex installation process. It is easy to use and it can easily fit in your kitchen counter. The only thing that you need to do to make this machine work is to fill it with water, plug it in then turn it on to work. Its portability is one of its strongest qualities. Being portable, you can carry it with ease even when traveling.

It also features insulated storage bins that ensure that the ice will stay cold until the time when you will use it. You also have different choices when it comes to the cube styles, finish and color. This makes it easier to find one, which perfectly matches your present home décor and appliance.

4. Built-in Ice Maker – You can purchase this for use either outdoors or indoors depending on its overall style. It is freestanding and does not require installation, so expect it to stand up even with excessive use. It is also designed to fit perfectly in lower cabinets. This is perfect for you if you can’t seem to keep ice in your automatic freezer tray.

This could be because most of the people in your house often invite guests for snacks and dinner. Regardless of the reason, the built-in ice maker is perfect for you if you often run out of ice at home. It also features a front breathing component installed at the bottom part, making it easier for you to build it into bars and cabinetry.

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