EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker Review

The EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker is a rather traditional design of home ice makers, which is built in and requires ventilation. This ice maker was first listed in 2008, and hence may look a little “old-school” for some who may prefer a more modern looking product. The machine also stops producing ice once the bin is full, which is a useful auto shut off mechanism to have.


The EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker has a 25 foot long 1/4″ water line connection included. It also has a reversible door for left or right hand swing. Requires ventilation at the side and front.


At 12 pounds per day, this ice maker is considered one of the lowest in output- it may not be sufficient for those who hold big parties regularly.

EdgeStar IB120SS Home Ice Maker


6 pounds of ice storage will come in handy if you need to prepare ice in advance, since the unit can only produce 12 pounds per day.


Comes in stainless steel and black and looks just like a chiller or mini refrigerator.


Built in – only for home use; not portable. Front venting.


26 x 19 x 17 inches
Weight: 54 pounds

A rather bulky and heavy ice maker, not intended for outdoor use but just in your kitchen. The design is compact and can fit into most areas.

Overflow Protection

Yes – auto shuts off when the ice bin is full


– Comes with overflow protection
– Easy to install
– Includes a 25 foot long water line
– Comes with ice storage of 6 pounds


– Relatively low ice output
– Built in model- not portable

Consumer Ratings

Almost 100 customers have reviewed this product positively. While we agree it may be a good choice overall, it is rather bulky and has a more “traditional” function similar to a refrigerator or chiller.


Reasonably priced for its size, but the smallish output may be a concern for some.


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