iGloo ICE102 Ice Maker Review

The iGloo ICE102 Ice Maker is a really popular product as seen from the over 1,000 reviews online. This is a portable ice maker that can be used both at home and at other functions, such as in the office. With a good output volume of 26 lbs of ice per day, and fast operation time of 6 minutes per batch, this ice maker has proven to be an all-round choice.


The iGloo ICE102 Ice Maker comes with electronic LED controls for you to adjust the settings easily. It also contains a sizeable 2.3 Quart (2.17 L) reservoir where you add water to be used to make ice. This model turns out one batch of ice in as little as 6 minutes.


The ice maker can produce a large quantity of ice, up to 26 pounds a day, and is sufficient for parties and events.


Does not contain storage for ice; you would have to manually remove the ice from the bin, otherwise they would start melting.

iGloo ICE102-Red Compact Ice Maker


Comes in 5 colors to give you a variety of options: – Red, Black, Silver, Stainless Steel and White. Some customers commented that it looks pretty on their kitchen counter!


Portable and compact.


15 x 11 x 14.5 inches
Weight: 21.3 pounds

At just 21.3 pounds, this ice maker is easy to move around, especially if you have functions away from home.

Overflow Protection

No overflow protection

iGloo ICE102 Ice Maker – Pros

– Portable and compact form
– Stylish appearance
– Good output
– Fast operations


Lack of storage for ice

Consumer Ratings

Over 1,000 people have reviewed the ice maker and generally gave it good ratings. Some have noted that to make it work properly, you need to allow the refrigerant liquid to fully settle by placing the ice maker on a level surface, before using it for the first time.

iGloo ICE102 Ice Maker – Price

Reasonably priced for its size and features, and comes with free shipping on Amazon.


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