iGloo ICE103 Ice Maker Review

The iGloo ICE103 Ice Maker is a rather popular model, just like its cousin the iGloo ICE102 (Read our review on the iGloo ICE102 here). With many past customers of this portable ice maker, we thought it would be good to include it in our reviews too!

iGloo ICE103 Ice Maker – Features

The iGloo ICE103 Ice Maker allows you to make 3 sizes of ice, although users have commented that all the available sizes are not small! The unit also comes with electronic controls and LED indicators. Although this ice maker does not have a traditional ‘overflow protection’, the ice inside will gradually melt if not removed, and if it is left on, it will recycle the water and continue to produce ice.


A respectable 26 pounds of ice per day – this model gives you a good output.


A pretty decent 2.2 lbs of storage for your ice. This means you would not have to worry about removing the ice and transferring it to a chiller, all the time! Just take note that if you need more ice for an event, it would still be wise to have a chiller or ice box on hand to store the ice for longer periods.


This ice maker has a stainless steel exterior and finishing and could blend into your kitchen quite well.

Igloo ICE103 Home Ice Maker


The iGloo ICE103 is a portable ice maker which you can take to any event, as long as there is a power source.


14 x 12 x 15 inches

Weight: 28 pounds

At this weight and size, the ice maker is quite easy to carry around.

Overflow Protection

None in the traditional sense; unused ice is melted back to be re-used.

iGloo ICE103 Ice Maker – Pros

Good output volume
External storage for ice
Classic steel appearance
Electronic controls
Ships to most countries


Lack of overflow protection

iGloo ICE103 Ice Maker – Consumer Ratings

More than 200 people have rated this model positively, which we agree with. It does what it says it does, and is a portable unit too – definitely something to consider when buying an ice maker!


Afforably priced and with free shipping from Amazon.

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