Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice Maker Review

The Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice Maker is a portable unit that is popular with many people due to the good output and extra features such as safety alerts and choice of 2 sizes of ice. Its sleek design and compact dimensions are also a draw for those who want to display it on their counter top.

Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice Maker – Features

This ice maker has a large see-through window which lets you see the process and check the ice level. It also has a removable tray for easy transfer of ice and comes in 3 choices of colors.


A great output volume of 26 pounds of ice per day.


A modest 1.5 pounds of storage for ice, in case you wish to store away some to be used later.


Comes in a choice of 3 colors: Silver, Red and White.


Portable; can be displayed on your kitchen countertop or brought out to events.

Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Home Ice Maker Review


14.1 x 12.9 x 9.5 inches
Weight: 21 pounds

A small sized ice maker which packs a punch in terms of output.

Overflow Protection

Yes – The Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice Maker has a water recycling system. Any unused ice melts back into the water reservoir, and is used to make the next batch of ice.


Good output volume
Modest storage for ice
2 sizes of ice to choose from
Digital control with push- touch buttons
Comes in a choice of 3 colors


Does not ship outside the U.S.

Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice Maker – Consumer Ratings

Over 300 customers have recommended this ice maker model. We think it is a good choice as it has a good output, is portable, has some storage for ice and is generally a “safe” choice.


Good price for an ice maker with its capabilities.

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