Whynter UIM-155 Ice Maker Review

The Whynter UIM-155 Ice Maker is a compact, sturdy home ice maker designed to fit into most kitchens. It has a built-in form with external water line, so that you would not need to keep running to the tap. What stood out to us was the 6 pounds of ice storage which is rare for ice makers at this price range.


This home ice maker comes with a 9 foot 1/4-inch, food grade water line connection. The product does not have a drain but has an auto shut off mechanism that kicks in when the ice bin is full. Produces crescent shaped ice.


At 12 pounds per day, this unit’s output is somewhat lesser than most of its rivals. However, what it lacks in output, it makes up for in its external water line connection, as well as a good storage capacity (see below).


The Whynter UIM-155 Ice Maker has an impressive storage of 6 pounds of ice- this means you do not need to store it separately unlike most ice makers in the market.

Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker


Black and stainless steel finish; somewhat industrial-looking but can blend into most kitchens.


Undercounter – can be installed under the counter with front venting.


18 x 15 x 25 inches
Weight: 60 pounds

This is considered a rather heavy but compact ice maker.

Overflow Protection

Yes, auto shuts off when the ice bin is full.


The Whynter UIM-155 is a built-in ice maker that can fit into most kitchens easily due to its compact build. It also has a hefty 6 pounds storage, beating most of its competitors in this aspect. Another positive is its external water line so that you do not have to refill water manually.


Relatively low output, and is not portable.

Whynter UIM-155 Ice Maker – Consumer Ratings

Almost 100 customers have given mixed reviews to this ice maker and we can see why. While it does its job decently, some people might require an ice maker with higher output or which is portable – in which case, do check out our other review on the Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice Maker.


Decently priced for its size and output, it is probably not the best deal – however, there are promotions on this model from time to time, so do check out the product’s listing.


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